Children's Book: The X-tails Travel to the Jamboree Jam

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*As well as being modern and full of action, each story has a positive theme and promotes physical activity.

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*Perfect for boys and girls aged 0-6 years old, but many customers purchase as a special keepsake for newborns.

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ABOUT THE BOOK: The X-tails Travel to the Jamboree Jam (THEME: Friendship and Learning Colours)

Learn together. Laugh together. Fall in love together with this rhyming adventure about friendship.

The X-tails Travel to the Jamboree Jam is the sixth book in the X-tails series and it comes with a twist: Wisdom the Lion and his pals are younger, funnier, and they’re on the ultimate road trip! On their way to the Jamboree Jam, they meet a roller skating rooster, parachuting porcupine, wheelchairing wolverine, bull riding beaver and many more new friends. But what will the X-tails do when they’ve run out of room for one last friend? 

• ages 0-6 • board book • 20 pages • 8 in x 8 in • 2016

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