Holdall (Large) - Rustic Decorative Storage

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Rustic decorative storage "buckets" made of woven vegetable-tanned leather and hardened into shape using Cuir Bouilli technique, finished with knots and removable + washable linen lining.

Designed to house small items on your countertop, kitchen, or just to drop off the keys, as you’re settling home for the night.

Measuring approximately:

7″ Height (not including the high points on the vertical posts);

7″ Bottom diameter;

9″ top diameter

Intended for indoor use. Sealed with light water-resistant coating.

The buckets are woven, knotted and hardened together - no adhesives used in the process. The colours will change and darken over time. If intended to be used as planters, pls, make sure they are sheltered from prolonged contact with water. A sealed ceramic or plastic planter should be used as a base.

Please, be aware, that in the process of hardening leather, by exposing the woven materials to boiling water, then additional heat, the leather takes on natural colouring and shading due to the contact with the elements.

Each Hold-all will be unique in, both, weaving pattern, look and shading. No two will ever be exactly the same.

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