Hidden Colours Locket 2016

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The Hidden Colours Locket 2016- Is my newest Locket  

Here is the story of how it came to be.

Our colours can be hidden beneath the exterior we show the world. 

This locket was inspired  by my daughter who wrote a story in her 

teenage years about these unseen aspects of ourselves and others. 

The story describes the joy of getting to know people for who they 

are inside. The locket inspired by her story takes the form of two 

ordinary sparrows in flight. Their colours are only revealed when 

Iyou take the time to look inside. 

The Hidden Colours Locket is half sterling silver and half bronze, the sparrows slide appart to reveal their colours inside. The locket comes on a bronze link chain and comes in two lengths.

Each locket is numbered and a log is kept of where in the world they end up, please email me for a list of the numbers that are still available. The colours are all a little different inside.  

To find out more about my work and the lockets that I make please take a look at my website or come to an upcoming show!  

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