Sterling Onefooter Ring with Sapphire set in 18k yellow gold

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I love making the rings in the Onefooter series. And then I discovered a passion for coloured sapphires! Did you know that sapphires come in all colours of the rainbow? I play with all of them. And because I treasure the stones, I set them in 18k yellow gold. Go big or go home!

So: with each Onefooter being unique, and each sapphire being unique, every single ring will be different. I will have some in stock, and some of my galleries will have some in stock. Or, you may have to special order one.

I have a few in stock, but if you need one custom made, whether you buy from one of my lovely representing galleries, or here, please allow plenty of time for orders on this one! Inquire for pricing on larger stones. Available with round or square sapphires.

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Dorothee Rosen - designer goldsmith

Contact Seller I love coming to Vancouver twice a year. If you crave my work in between visits, this is the place for you!

Shipping and Returns

I ship either via Post (Express Post or Expedited), or via UPS fully insured, which generally arrives overnight. I can ship FedEx, no problem. I am happy to ship internationally, and am very familiar with customs paperwork and border crossing procedures. I will carry brokerage charges.

I will gladly do exchanges for sizes, as long is the item has not been worn. Shipping charges carried by buyer. No exchanges on specialized custom orders, but adjustments can be made.