Blackford Tree Spirit Coat

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      The Tree Spirit Coat was made by artist Stephanie Blackford over a period of aproximately 300 hours. Stephanie spun and blended the wool to resemble the awesome textures of trees. The body of the coat is made from 100% Correidale wool that was needled into 100% Hemp fabric and then wet fulled. Decorative stitching was then applied over the entire coat.     

    The hood was knit with original hand spun yarns. The knit pockets feature a cedar tree photograph from Cameron Lake, B.C. printed on silk with Vancouve Island drift wood pieces. The  Mossy Branch buttonhole and Tree of Life Button embroideries are Stephanie's original concept and drawings. Every step was made honoring the awesome magnificence and beauty of trees!!!    

      This coat has been SOLD, but you can order your own Original Tree Spirit Coat today. It is important to note that every Tree Spirit Coat is an original. Please visit for more information.

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